Jack Mason Moto Racing: Handy Fashion Watch?

The vintage style motorsport chrono is one of our fave wristwatch designs here at NWC mag.

Not just because we are petrolheads, but the classic two pusher, one crown and twin sub-dials template forged in the 1960s remains a visually pleasing – and easy to read – watch concept today. It has balance, harmony of elements, all that stuff that Seiko keep banging on about. OK, it just works.

So US brand Jack Mason has a new quartz Moto Racing Chrono out now and at £366 it ain’t too cheeky price-wise. Nice perforated strap, square bezel, nice dial that shifts from blue to black.

Inside there’s a Miyota quartz movement. Plus it has quick release lug pins for those essential strap pit stops – at £73 we won’t be buying a genuine JM strap though, when eBay can supply a decent leather 22mm rally strap from £15 upwards.

There is a gold tone version but we just didn’t get fired up for that one.

Great steering wheel motif on the caseback. It really looks the part and you have that feelgood factor of buying a US brand, even if the watch is made overseas.

More at the Jack Mason UK site here.

Rivals include the Accurist Racing Chrono at around £130, the Sturhling Monaco, which we spotted reduced to £105 online, or the Marchand Classic Driver, which is also reduced right now, at £175.

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