Zelos Hammerhead Bronze is Back

The latest from Zelos, as a popular bronze case model makes a comeback. Nice that it’s a little bit slimmer in profile, plus you get 300m of resistance for not too much money.

For us, the Bronze Frost, featuring a white dial is one of the sharpest lookers in the range. All the Hammerheads are 44mm wide by the way, so pretty beefy. Here’s the word;

The Hammerhead in bronze was one of our most popular designs launched back in 2016 and we are excited to bring it back in its third iteration. This V3 edition slims the watch to a wearable 13.5mm thick while keeping to its compact size with 48mm lug to lug. This makes the Hammerhead wear smaller than its diameter suggests.

Despite rising costs in materials, movements and shipping, these are priced to offer excellent value at only $349USD for the launch.

The Bronze and Teal fume dial is a crowd favorite, and we have added some new colorways to the lineup such as the iridescent Mother of Pearl. These look striking on your wrist and make for the perfect summer watch.

Besides the bronze cases, we are also proud to present 3 new limited editions with special case materials. These are the dense tantalum, woodgrained Damascus steel, and the lustrous crystallised titanium.

Check them out here

The Hammerhead drops on the 6th of May at 11pm Singapore time. Here’s a quick link for timezone conversion HERE

Quantities for these are limited as usual and won’t be restocked after they are sold out.

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