Paula Reis Expands Silverstone Colour Combos

Paula Reis has sent us info on their Silverstone chrono model, which is now available in some new colour combinations.

Your NWC editor already owns the sky blue dial and bronze bezel variant, so that’s been out for ages.

But we haven’t seen the new black/gold, or blue/silver variations before. The blue and gold version looks pretty blingy we think and at £89 it’s a fun automatic from China that bears an uncanny resemblence to a famed Rolex watch.

Nice to wear on those dodgy nights out, when you don’t want bike/e-scooter bandits attacking you just for your watch.

Usually we would say shop on Ali Express as it would be cheaper still, but as the events in Shanghai prove, supply chain problems are going to occur if you are waiting for stuff right now.

We recently failed to receive a MOD case/bezel and a repaired watch from China, with a tedious series of alerts stating the products were on their way, at Heathrow customs etc. No show on either. So sticking to the UK Paula Reis site might get you the watch faster, even if it costs more.

More here.

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