anOrdain Go Large With Model 2

Scotland based brand anOrdain has launched a bigger version of its 36mm Model 2 watch.

The new 39.5mm case size offers a bit more oomph on the wrist and the trademark hand-crafted enamel dial remains a key feature. Interestingly, there’s no blue dial option, just white, grey, a kind of greeny-grey mix and grass green.

Here’s the word from an Ordain;

We have expanded the range to include a larger case size. Scaling the original 36mm design up to a heftier 39.5mm, the overall aesthetic remains the same, with rounded lugs, prominent crown protectors and a thick, curving bezel.

Our new enamel colours give the piece a more grounded aesthetic reflective of its purpose as a watch for the great outdoors. The Model 2 comes in Racing Green and Flax with brushed case finishes, and White and Grey Haar, both with a polished case finish.

Prices start at £1225.

More here.

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