Watch Bargains: Chisholm Hunter Spring Sale

UK High Street jeweller Chisholm Hunter has a Sale on just now, so we picked out some bargains from the watches section.


A limited edition Grand Seiko is arguably one of the best investment watches you can buy right now. On the upside, you are getting a superb watch, in many ways superior in quality to any Rolex, genuinely hand-crafted compared to mass produced. Secondly, no waiting list, you simply pay £10,370 and it’s yours. That’s 2K off list price.

You might find this unusual brown dial GS Sport 20th Anniversary Edition is a collectors item ten years down the line. Not too big at 44mm across, featuring the Spring Drive movement, with power indicator, chrono functions and 200m of resistance.

Could be a smart move.

How does ten grand off a Parmigiani Toric Chrono sound? This black dial beauty has a rarity value, although many watch fans don’t know much about the brand. COSC calibre, 40mm case, that lush gold bezelled case -understated brilliance really – perfect dress watch.

Now down to £11,700 for this ex-display model.


A Zenith El Primero with a full skeleton dial is kinda different, most variants have that porthole/open heart thing going on. But this Zenith stands out for us because it has that tachymetre track at the edge of the see-thru dial, blue sub-dial detailing etc.  The whole thing has a punchiness and freshness about it, just looks totally different from the usual El Primero models. That’s a good move.

A handy 2K off list is good news, but at £7850, it’s still too rich for us, we reckon you should haggle it down to 7K straight, take it or leave it.


OK, a Longines for £700 is worth looking at because it has that classic Swiss name, a bold dial design with those standout numbers, plus superlume on the hands & markers. Inside there is a reliable quartz movement, long life battery. Like those crown protector shoulders too, plus the engraved rear case.

This 41mm watch is an everyday piece you can be proud to wear and it won’t break the bank.

Handy reduction from the £830 list price.

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