ID Watches Go Full Circle

Swiss brand ID has released details on the Circular S model, which as the name suggests takes the circular economy as inspiration. Basically we refurbish, and re-use materials, rather than send them to landfill.

So this luxury watch uses a recycled steel case, rather than all the mining, smelting, rolling and forging that goes on with making steel products from scratch. But that’s just the start..

The straps are made from recycled waste products too.

The furnace used for the steel recycling is also solar powered, so there’s that carbon saving bonus too. Although solar panels have to be made somewhere, transported, then have a 10 year lifespan before they cannot produce electricity efficiently.

Here’s the press blurb;

The carbon impact from recycled steel is 165 times lower than the industry average 4441 steel with 0.041 kg CO2 equivalent, compared to 6.8 kg CO2 equivalent for the conventional steel, in other words almost carbon neutral.

This very exciting solar steel solution is a true revolution in the raw material market, the planet’s number one polluter.


The Circular S also uses the famous ETA 2824 series movement, expertly stripped and refurbished – again saving on new movement production.

In this, NWC mag agrees there are plenty of existing Swiss movements available to power new watches for decades to come – it also creates work for watchmakers, which is a social good. If only brands like Rolex would offer in-house refurbishment via their AD network, rather than a 10% discount on a new model. Not everyone wants to bin off their old Explorer or Datejust.

The Circular S retails at CHF 3940, which is about £3,250.

More info here.

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