Fancy a Casio Mr G? You’ll Need a Couple of Gs Bro

And then another 400 quids. Yes £2400 is the RRP on the new Mr G range. The latest limited edition G-SHock Premium watches have just arrived, with some very cool touches. Here’s the word from Casio;

Introducing an exciting new colour variation of the top-of-the-line G-SHOCK, the MR-G collection.

The MRG-B2000B-1A4 has a red “Akazonae” colour theme, which represents strength and power and is inspired by samurai armour, and gold coloured highlights on the hour markers and crown complete the premium look.

This hand assembled timepiece has a diamond-like carbon coating on the bezel, case, and band and of course sapphire crystal for maximum protection.

Function-wise, this model is equipped with Multi Band 6 Radio Controlled reception and Bluetooth® communication capabilities for smartphone connectivity. This limited edition MR-G model incorporates ancient Japanese strength and aesthetics, combined with unmatched modern materials, structure, and functions.

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