Bell+Ross Multimeter, For Those Sporting Calculations

The latest from Bell+Ross; do you rock the multimeter approach for tracking lap times, steps, pulse etc, or find the dial too busy?

The new BR 03-94 Multimeter takes up the iconic “circle within a square” shape of the emblematic cockpit clock. Created in 2005, this watch features a very graphic case, which has become a reference in terms of design. The 42 mm diameter of the BR 03-94 Multimeter makes it perfectly suitable for everyday use. The multicoloured dial of this sophisticated chronograph captivates the eye.

With this unique model, Bell & Ross wanted to show the high potential of the chronograph complication and its involvement in sport. Its name Multimeter evokes a time measuring instrument used for various sports competitions. The BR 03-94 Multimeter is aimed at all athletes involved in racing.

Like all stopwatches, the BR 03-94 Multimeter is intended for measuring short times. This novelty turns out to be multi-functional, as it combines all the information indicated by a chronograph. The BR 03-94 Multimeter represents a kind of ultimate instrument. It can be suitable for running, cycling, as well as for driving.

Its coloured dial uses the principle of colour differentiation of the various indications displayed on the dashboards of aircraft. Its matt black ceramic case contrasts with its eye-catching dial overflowing with information. To maintain readability and functionality, Bell & Ross has chosen a specific shade for each category of information.


·    The Pulsometer scale is dressed in orange. It counts the heartbeats.

·    The Asthmometer scale is coated in bottle green. It monitors breaths and is expressed in expirations per minute.

·    The three Tachymeter scales opt for pale green, light grey and white. They measure speed, in km/h, is based on three different units of measurement: 100 m, 250 m or 1 km for the jogger, the cyclist and the third to the pilot.

It’s a limited edition of 500 pieces and price is £4900. More here.


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