MOD: Strapcode Has Options For Your Seiko Speedtimer

Strapcode has sent us a few pics of their straps dsigned for the new Seiko Speedtimer chrono, which include a camo option, black leather, plus a retro 70s Rally style bracelet.

Here’s the word;

Camo: Genuine Tuscan leather watch strap, 100% handcrafted in Italy, this Tuscan leather watch strap collection has average thickness 4.3mm, the perfect thickness to match every watch.

The price is $99 though. Yeah.

Rollball Retro:

This Rollball version II QR watch band is designing for straight watch lug diving or sport watch case. The idea of “Rollball” Rally metal watch band was inspired by a famous game – rolling a ball over a “ball-hop” hump that jumps the ball into rings and anchored by Seiko Chronograph watch.

Unlike traditional rally bangles, this high-end Rollball version II has precise adjustable links details for easy length adjustment. This Rollball version II slightly reduced the thickness and roundness, also had a relatively less modernized design to evoke strong nostalgia. In addition, this Rollball Q.R. version metal watch band features integrated quick-release spring bars for a speedy attachment to your timepiece, also further enhancing flexibility and comfort.

More info here at Strapcode’s site.

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