SINN Adds Splash of Colour For Spring

SINN has added some new models to their line up, here’s the word from their press office;

We present exciting additions to the range for the 556 model series, to which four coloured dials have been added.

Just 400 timepieces are available in each shade. In a departure from the brand’s usual aesthetic, their dials in emerald green, citrine yellow, aquamarine blue and carnelian red are impressive evidence that a fresh, contemporary look combined with SINN’s trademark design is a recipe for success.

Inspired by gemstone colours, the dials feature rhodium-plated, polished appliqués. To make them even more harmonious, the dials are finished using varnish with a metallic shimmer. This lends them a subtle glittering effect.

Price is 1290 euros, with a cheeky 120 euros shipping cost for the UK on top. Is it being sent by Uber or what?

More info here.

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