Casio MOD Watches: Customise, Personalise, Visualise

We love modded watches here at NWC mag. Why? Because like a cafe racer motorcycle, or a customised Gibson guitar, it’s about re-imagining the factory options, putting your own stamp on things, or just refreshing a classic for the modern era with the best bits available.

So here’s a site on Etsy we found, Time Modified is based in London and creates some striking Casio remixes. In fact, you can choose the colour palette on the Worldtimer and get that multi-colour look, your way.

We like that control the customer has in the build.

Tiff blue WR is £50-ish, but definitely stands out.

Prices start at just over £34 inc delivery, which makes this modding hobby affordable for people who have big energy bills to pay for, plus endless govt taxes on fuel, insurance, wages etc.

More here. 

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