No Moonswatch Available? Here’s an Alternative

Hey we couldn’t get a Moonswatch either, but no matter, there are other composite Swiss watches just launched in 2022. Although not as in demand with eBay scalpers.

For example, check out the Tide range from Maurice Lacroix. These colourful watches feature recycled materials salvaged from ocean waste as their case construction, 40mm width, plus quartz movements, plus it comes in a plastic coffee cup type box, not a conventional watch box. Again, recycled ocean waste, so good consumerism. See the promo here;

Here’s the press info from ML;

Beyond its vibrant hues and its case, the dial is adorned with a ‘Vague du Jura’ motif, a stylish reference to the ocean. The case measures 40mm in diameter and features a flat sapphire crystal, augmenting readability.

The AIKON #Tide is endowed with a screwed crown together with a screwed caseback, details that contribute to the model’s impressive water resistance of 100m. The model is also endowed with the Easy Strap Exchange system, allowing the wearer to swap the strap for an alternative without the need for tools.

At the heart of the AIKON #tide is a quartz movement, delivering convenience and precision. As you would expect of a Swiss watch, the AIKON #tide is a quality product, backed by a 5-year warranty. After all, it’s an AIKON.

Early adopters can get er…colourful socks, or more interestingly, the chance to design a one-off, limited edition Aikon Tide model. That sounds cool, we would go for something in reclaimed Russian oligarch gold, tick that woke box y’know..

Prices start at 690 euros. Bit more than the Moonswatch, but then, there’s no waiting list.

More info here.

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