Watch Dials: Is Purple The New Green?

Czapek has a new Purple Panda available as a limited edition, well actually it is sold out, even at 29,000 CHF. But that sparked a question; is purple the new green dial?

Czapek Panda.

You see last year green dials were popping up all over the place, from plam frond Rolex Oysters to a Panerai Luminor Marina. They were lit, as they say on US sitcoms. But in 2022, we crave novelty and we reckon purple is the new must have colour.

OK the Czapek is a sell out, but what elese can a luxury obessive blow their wad on? Please, keep it clean…

Well there’s the Hublot Big Bang Premier edition, which is just a smartwatch but does retail at £4300. It’s limited to 200 pieces as well.

Then there’s the Seiko Astron, which we spotted at £1875 online at First Class watches. Yes it’s a solar powered Seiko for an outrageous sum of cash, but look at that dial. It’s different. That’s the key. Prince was onto something all those decades ago.

Then there’s always the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak option. To be fair, this isn’t a new thing for AP, they have been making pruple dial variants for a few years now, but the frosted 18K white gold version, which retails for a rapper level $90,000, offers the sort of bling that only oligarchs and gangsters can buy into.

But we say check out William Wood, or indie brands like Zelos, Undone, Aragon and many more for purple dial watches that you CAN afford. It’s cool in 2022, trust us.




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