CIGA Blue Planet Now on Pre-Order

It’s one of the most striking watch dials around and the China based brand CIGADesign is really putting itself on the map in the watchmaking world right now.

Priced at £980, the watch is different design in that it has an hour indicator, but the minutes are indicated by a chapter ring type track. The hour is shown by a compass type logo, rather than a hand. It sounds tricky but it’s actually quite simple to look at and understand the time exactly.

A titanium and steel case, sustainable packaging and a 35 jewel mechanical movement inside.

It’s very different and for that alone, we think CIGA are onto something because so many Chinese brands simply produce homage watches and low cost skeleton dial watches. You have to go your own way and that’s what the Blue Planet watch does.

It also taps into that super-woke, save the earth virtue signalling that the under 30s and people in the public sector love to crow about. So yeah, ticks that box too. Sharp marketing.

More here.

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