Want to Be Hypnotised? Buy a Triple Axis Watch Winder

Yes, there is nothing so addictive to view as your fave automatic watch spinning like a politician explaining oligarch donations.

This Pulsar 360 watch winder mimics those gyroscope toys, which some of you junior scientists might have enjoyed as children. Send the watch all over the place and get that rotor turning. Here’s the word from the project promoters on Kickstarter;

We will bring you a state-of-the-art watch winder that will keep your watch wound in the best possible way. It eliminates the time-consuming process of rewinding and resetting the time of your automatic watch.

Where conventional watch winders only have one axis on which the watch revolves, we gave The Pulsar 360 three-axis to let it rotate freely in any direction. The hypnotizing rotations let your watch defy gravity. This does not only look highly spectacular; in this way, wrist movements are more accurately simulated, and your watch movement will be charged faster.

It also holds the watch securely inside a glass ball. Which has a disco light show effect, if you want it. Cool or what?

Bad news; it costs  £394 on pre-order. Oh well, cheaper than a Wolf.

More here. 

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