Crafter Blue Rubber Strap For Rolex Models

Crafter Blue has sent us details on their rubber strap for Rolex models. Not everyone wants to give a Rolex that dive watch look, but if you fancy one, simply to save the original bracelet picking up scuffs n scratches, then they retail at $85.

Here is the word from Crafter Blue;

Rubber watch bands for Rolex timepieces from Crafter Blue are long-lasting and top quality. High levels of craftsmanship go into all products from our brand. Straps are created from vulcanized rubber that undergo special processing to increase the strength without compromising comfort. By reinforcing the rubber, the strap is highly protective against the elements. Your watch strap is protected against damage caused by UV rays, water, extreme temperatures, and impacts. Although vulcanized rubber is very rigid and strong, the elasticity is not affected.

Another benefit of a rubber strap for Rolex watches is that the material is very easy to clean. Instead of requiring a professional cleaning, any type of residue can be simply wiped away with a wet cloth. However, don’t worry about the rubber retaining any moisture after cleaning. Vulcanized rubber straps are waterproof and moisture-wicking.

Rubber watch straps for Rolex luxury watches have a comfortable and adjustable fit. Installation is easy and simple with a surefire way to update the style of your watch. Crafter Blue has straps that can be adapted for most Rolex watches. Here is our compatible list.

–    Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 & 16660

–    Rolex Submariner 116610, 114060, 16610, 16800, 168000

–    Rolex Explorer (39mm) 214270Rolex Explorer II (40mm) 16550, 16570

–    Rolex GMT Master I 16700

–    Rolex GMT Master II 16760, 16710, 116710, 12610BLRO, 126719BLNR

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