MOD Watches: Mod Spex Manchester is Worth a Look

We occasionally check out the Etsy platform for watches, as you can find some fashionista types selling vintage watches that they really know nothing abot. Bit of a lucky dip, but you might pick up a lesser know Swiss mechanical for £20 or so.

But I digress, let’s talk MOD watches because we love them here at NWC. No, they aren’t Frankenwatches. Like a finely crafted Norvin, slammed VDub camper or a H-D Bobber in root beer colours, they are personalised watches, custom built to suit the user.

So MOD Spex, based in Manchester UK is worth a look. We like the Akio dive model at £145 and the NH35 MOD model with the subtle palm leaf logo on the dial. The Casio in black and gold is really John Player Special too.

More here.


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