Meia Lua Watches Supports Ukraine Charities

Portugal based watch brand Meia Lua is donating 20% of the retail price on all watches to various charities who are helping refugees from Ukraine.

After suspension of sales to Russia by Swatch Group and Hermes, the Indie brand is one of the first in Europe to take a stand in the conflict.


It looks likely that big names in the Swiss industry will take action, once they have sold their stock in Russia.

That may be more difficult now that Mastercard and Visa have joined other payments services like PayPal, Samsung and ApplePay in pausing their Russian Federation services. So the only way to buy a Rolex will be cash.

Then that cash will be extremely difficult to transfer to Switzerland, and sending it electronically would probably involve funnelling the money through China.

Awkward, if that becomes public knowledge, as the virtue signalling on trans, LGBTQ, BLM, climate change BS etc. all looks like window dressing if you continue to sell watches to the wealthy on Putin’s Game of Thrones regime.

The options for Swiss watch brands to somehow remain neutral in the conflict are vanishing rapidly.

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