Autodromo Give the Group B a Green Makeover

Autodromo are one of our fave Indie brands here at NWC because they’re car crazy. And motorsport too. But is this new Group B Aqua model too green? They say geniuses choose green, but it’s often people wearing green trousers that make that statement.

Anyways, here’s the press infio;

The Group B era –which spanned from 1982-1986– was arguably the last romantic era of motorsport. It was a time of unfettered technical ingenuity, space age exotic materials and turbo-boosted horsepower.

It was also a time of gladiatorial danger for drivers and co-drivers pushed to the very limits of human endurance through unforgiving mountain passes, desert roads, and snow covered woodland.

Autodromo’s Group B watch is an homage to the technical advancement and exotic materials finding use at the time, featuring a bi-metallic case construction. The Miyota 9015 automatic movement is housed within a lightweight 39mm titanium capsule composed of 2 parts, which is held to the wrist via an integrated bracelet crafted in stainless steel and plated in a Gray finish.

The Group B watch comes in a hand-crafted aluminum box with number plaque, and the integrated bracelet can be removed with a spring bar tool so that the watch can be worn with a strap if desired.

The overall aesthetic of the Group B speaks to the “high-tech” design language of the early 1980s, with a high contrast dial inspired by a period racing tachometer.

Stainless bracelet is resizable. It retails at $995.

More here.

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