Undone Stellar Purple: Dare To Be Different

Bike, the magazine that dares to be different. That was the tagline that got me hooked on RD400s, Kawa Z1s and more back in the day and in those crazy times one of my dream machines was a purple H2 750 triple.

Never owned one, but I did have a purple KH400 until some Herbert in a Cortina pulled out in front of me.

Happy days, and 70s fans can relive that vibe with this Stellar model quartz chronograph, which features a deep purple dial. In fact a Deep Purple Fireball edition watch could be on my wish list if Undone fancied making it.

The dial is coated in a high gloss, enamel paint finish that harks back to watchmaking of the 60s says Undone, and gives a lush, deep mirror sheen.  One minor detail; there’s no logo top dead centre on the dial, which we would love to see. Nice retro 70s chrono pushers by the way.

It also has a 40mm case, the Seiko VK64 meca quartz is inside it and you get a see-thru caseback so you can observe those er…flux capacitors, well OK, regular capacitors.

It has a K1 crystal and retails at £297.

More here.

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