Timex Expedition: All The Watch You Need at Sea?

There are lots of marine watches out there, especially from the Swiss, and if you own a boat, or work at sea, then a watch that tracks the tides is useful. You could use an app…if there’s a signal, but over 5 miles out from the coast, that might be a very weak signal.

So yeah, a tool watch at £215 is worth looking at if your work involves regular excursions on the drink. The latest Expedition from Timex has tide tracker, air and water temp measuring features, plus sapphire crystal and the famous Indiglo lighting.

It also has a compass feature, which is very useful on dry land too. At 43mm wide it’s medium large, and compares nicely with some of the 46mm juggernauts in this niche sector.

Have to say we like the styling on this Expedition North model too. It does make watches like the Bear Grylls Luminox models or the Ball Tide watches look distinctly over priced.

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