Casio A100- AEF Revival: Is It Lit?

It would be cool if this watch didn’t cost £69, which seems quite a bit for something that’s essentially a 1980s digital watch, which is even cheaper to produce now than it was when first new. Thanks robots, please don’t become self aware.

It has the backlight. It has the stopwatch and the alarm functions. You can set the calendar and then that’s it, it just knows when a leap year is and clicks over to the correct date. Casio say the battery will last three years and it just might. I have known some Casio watches get five years from a CR2016 button battery.

There is an hourly beep feature as well, should you really want to annoy colleagues at work, or anyone sitting in the quiet carriage on a train.

Love those red/yellow/green n grey coloured buttons, they have a design simplicity that’s almost German. Yeah, you’ll figure out which button does what, and it’s part of the fun of owning a Casio.

The silver tone version is £49 which more acceptable, but the annoying thing is this watch was launced last year in the USA at fifty bucks, which only proves once again that Rip-Off Britain is alive n well.

Need a cheap Casio? The new Denim Blue Illuminator has all the retro features you need at it’s under £20 – now that’s more like it. Easy to read display, 50m water resistance, LED light, alarm feature, stopwatch etc. For basic timekeeping you cannot go wrong at this money because you get Casio quality at Bench, Henrys, ICE watch prices. Result.

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