Mondaine Just Went Full Goldmember

Well not quite, because the new Evo 2 models are gold plated, not solid 18ct gold. But the Austin Powers super villain might well like these goldy looking watches from Swiss brand Mondaine, famous for their railway clock designs.

On the upside, they have a tweaked crown, which is more grooved, bit easier to get hold of and turn. We like the red vs gold colour combo going on with the second hand and crown inlay as well.

But that roundy round  40mm case. Hmmm, is it just us or does that have a kind of plain gold wedding band vibe about it? Retail is $365 by the way, so that plating does bump the price up a bit. The standard Mondaine railway watch in 40mm case width starts at $300 in stainless steel.

Maybe the steel one has a utility feel, a truly functional look that suits the dial better?

If you love gold, you can get rose or yellow gold plated variants from 30mm upwards. Lots of choice on bracelets and leather straps too.

More here.

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