Silver Service? Step This Way, Says SINN Watches

Now SINN have that reputation for aviation themed chronographs. They do them extremely well. But maybe you don’t think of SINN as a dress watch maker. Well, they have something different now, just launched, with a case made from sterling silver.  In fact it’s graded at 935, which is higher than 925 Sterling.

Of course silver is a trad watch case material when it comes to 19th century pocket watches, but by weight, silver isn’t really valuable, not like gold or palladium. What silver does offer, especially when it’s mixed with other alloys, or plated, is a long lasting sheen, an appealing glow that won’t tarnish, like the old 19th century silver used to.

Inside the new model there’s a Sellita SW300 movement, with some nice extra touches like blue screws, helping it stand out.

Here’s the word from SINN;

An inherent combination of watchmaking craftsmanship and distinctly traditional aesthetics defines the style of our 1739 Ag B model. The eyes are drawn to the electroplated blue dial exquisitely decorated with a sunburst finish.

Reduced to a minimum, the design focuses on the essentials – the hour and minute display. The resulting clarity, skilfully combined with the polished, rhodium-plated appliqués meticulously attached by hand, conveys a harmonious overall appearance.

It was therefore only logical for us to capture the elegance of this two-handed watch in a case made of special material: 935 Argentium silver alloy.

The advantage of this over traditional precious metal is that rather than tarnishing and blackening like normal silver, Argentium forms a protective germanium oxide surface layer. This layer considerably slows down the tarnishing process. Instead, a golden hue develops, which can be removed with an Argentium care cloth.

And because we know that looking at the mechanics of the movement is just as important as looking at the dial for many watch lovers, we have equipped the 1739 Ag B with a transparent back made of sapphire crystal glass. Therefore, just as much attention can be devoted to the fascinating movement as to the watch dial.

This exceptionally beautiful timepiece comes in an elegant case containing two Argentium care cloths. This, in addition to the fact that the watch is water-resistant and pressure-resistant up to 10 bar as well as resistant to low pressure, ensures long-lasting enjoyment of an exceptional timepiece.

Price is euro 2350, plus an extra Brexit shipping sting for UK customers of 120 euros. It really doesn’t cost anything like that to send something insured to the UK, so if you love the watch, why not email the factory and ask them to justify that charge.

Verdict; Beautiful, but expensive.

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