Solid Gold Seventies Action, By Timex

Timex are still mining that velvet goldmine with their Q Series 1972 edition. Yes, the great days of T.Rex, Kawasaki Z1S and awesome flares can be yours again.

In fact it was exactly 50 years ago that Timex began selling quartz watches so this red dial beauty celebrates a company milestone. The striking gold tone case is also pure 70s, with its wide body, tonneau styling, plus the neat battery compartment cover makes swapping the 377 battery a doddle.

That’s a 70s Brit word btw, it means easy-peasy.

Priced at £155 this isn’t a cheap watch, in fact we have to say there are more appealing retro quartz watches out there for less cash. Like the Sekonda 1957 model which can be found for £50, or the Accurist Racing chronograph at £129.

If you want to go chrono there’s the OSO Orbit from Singapore with a VK Seiko movement for£185 on Kickstarter.

Verdict; Great styling Timex but what happened to watches for the masses?

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