Ferro One Hand in British Racing Green

Ferro has sent us some info on their British Racing Green watch, which is unusual in that it has just one hand. You can still gauge the time, more ot less from the position of that one hand, but at $455 we are demanding two – no let’s go large – THREE hands. Better for timing road racing events for one thing.

Love the big onion crown and lug loops, punchy dial colours, big racing number 12 too. Yes, this does have a pitlane appeal despite the one hand deal.

Anyway, here’s the word from Ferro;

British Racing Green is one of the most iconic colors of the auto racing world that originated in 1903 with the Gordon Bennett Cup in Ireland.

Gordon Bennett was a wealthy American businessman that organized the annual race pitting different countries. The Cup competitions were city-to-city races, with entrants required to have their cars entirely manufactured in their home country.

To make national identification of the participants easier, each country embraced a national racing color. They were: Yellow for Belgium, White for Germany, Blue for France and of course Green for Britain; hence, the British Racing Green was born.

The watch is 42mm wide, Swiss quartz movement, C3 lume on the dial, plus a stainless steel case. Sapphire crystal too. As far as we can make out, you get a travel pouch with this watch, not a box. That really isn’t very impressive at this price point.

The first batch of 90 pieces are currently under production and will be delivered by mid to late May 2022. Once the first 90 pieces are sold out, the remaining units will be delivered in September, says Ferro.

More here. 

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