Bond is Back – Paula Reis Re-stocks the Octopus

Paula Reis, which is one of the top budget brands on Ali Express, has sent us a quick update on their Octopus automatic. This good looking Bond 007 homage watch is back on the PR website at £89, although you can find it cheaper elsewhere if you keep looking.

We saw one for $69 at Viva Timepiece in Delaware for example.

Featuring a 42mm alloy case, the Octopus has a hardlex crystal. The left side crown on this watch is just a dummy by the way, it doesn’t do anything. There is a steel mesh bracelet or NATO strap option too.

NWC has bought two Paula Reis watches in the past and one works perfectly, while the other requires a great deal of shaking to keep it running though the night. As Rolex and other manufacturers note, most auto watches need about 600-800 turns of the wrist each day to fully charge the mainspring.

Verdict; Nice homage and not too expensive.


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