Baume Throws in The Towel on Solo Brand Status

Swiss brand Baume has now decided that it is returning to being called Baume & Mercier, which was the company’s name for decades.

The poorly thought out marketing ploy, set up a few years ago to try an separate the brands has failed. No surprise here at NWC mag as the Baume brand never really had any strong appeal on its own. If you think of say Alfa Romeo, it has a power, a heritage as a solo brand, not just part of Stellantis, GM or Fiat group.

Here’s the word from Baume & Mercier;


“This development will make it possible to introduce a new dynamic, pairing the recognized expertise of the House with BAUME‚Äôs totally new approach combining unique design, digital innovation, and watchmaking expertise, and integrating the principles of reclaiming, reusing, and circular economics.”

Amazing. Pure word salad. Oh well, onwards and upwards..

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