Hamilton Khaki With a Slide Rule Side Order

We aren’t sure about the whole slide rule bezel thing because, well, there’s Google Maps, flight tracker apps and a whole lot more progress since the days when a frequent flyer needed to work out time and distance in detail. But it does add visual appeal to the Khaki Aviation Converter Auto, which starts at a reasonable £970.

The steel bracelet version is £1035 and frankly, it’s gonna look more impressive at check-in, as you stand for 2 hours, masked up, shampoo and aftershave in a pathetic clear plastic bag and your trousers falling down as you remove your belt.

Yes, the Khaki Aviation will add some dignity to your overseas flight to a relatively Covid restriction free hotspot this summer, plus the Customs staff will not try to steal it from the valuables tray, as they’re waiting for that Rolex guy behind you to get distracted.

Oh the watch? Usual H10 movement, 80 hour reserve, sapphire crystal, 42mm across, blue dial.

Yeah, it’s an entry level Swiss watch and perfectly fine for everyday use, but we would always say spend a grand – or less – on a LIV 7750 model, Baltic diver, limited edition Seiko 5/Prospex/Presage or maybe a Christopher Ward instead.

That’s just us, we’re different.

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