BA111OD. Sounds Like a Barcode, Actually a Luxury Watch Brand

And not just any luxury watch, but one that mere mortals can aspire to own because the prices are kinda Omega/TAG level at about £3500 plus VAT. That’s still over 4200 quid, so let’s not get carried away and start calling watches like these `inclusive.’

No, inclusive would be a basic bitch Casio from Argos, or a Pagani auto on Ali Express for 80 notes including postage.

But I digress, what’s the deal with the catchy BA111OD tourbillon?

Well the new Veblen Dilemma model is a skeleton dial made in low volume in Switzerland with a high grade titanium case. We love the way the tourbillon cage is slightly offset from the usual 6 o’clock position and the blue/grey styling is super sharp, a visual treat.

There’s also a DLC coating on the case, for that extra bit of scratch resistance. Calibre is an in-house BA-O1 series.


The clever thing about the BA111OD brand is the way buyers can earn tokens via the app. So you spread the word and the app tracks activity, sharing & likes, plus sales that might result. In return you – the savvy early adopter – receive tokens which can save you a big margin on future releases.

If only crypto was easy as that eh?

For BA111OD believers/collectors this is a great idea, and it effectively cuts out the chain of international distributors and watch shops.

OK, some may say that is a shame, as we need expert enthusists running watch shops – we do indeed. But if you are going to sell hand-made, Swiss tourbillons under 5K, then someone has to give up their margin, got it?

There are just 220 pieces being made and you can find out more here.

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