Formex Field is a Super Lightweight Tool Watch

Formex has a new Field watch and they called it…Field. Like it, KISS n all that. OK, so it’s a titanium case,  but this upgraded titanium – here’s the word;

A special hardening treatment increases the Fields surface hardness from 145 Vickers to approximately 900 Vickers while retaining the light weight, comfort and hypoallergenic properties of titanium.

The recessed numbers and hour markers give the dial a visible depth that is elevated by the curved outer chapter section. Numbers, markers and the brushed hands are hand-filled with old radium (100% safe) Super LumiNova that emits a bright yellowish-green at night.

It has that sandwich dial, layered effect, which is eye-catching and sets it apart from budget field watches.

Adding a mere 5g to the case weight of 65g, the nylon velcro strap is durable and comfortable on the wrist. The leather straps come with Formex’s carbon composite clasp with a patented 7mm fine-adjustment.

Inside you will find the trusty Sellita SW200 engine, which is very reliable and if you need parts one day, say 20 years down the line, you’ll probably get them. Or pick up an SW200 movement on e-Bay.

With a water resistance of 150 meters, the Formex Field Automatic is the perfect watch for hikers, kayakers, board paddlers, or triathalon training. It does the job and you know what, because it’s called a Formex that means very few drug-addled crims have heard of it – so it might not get stolen from your locker in the changing room.

It retails at £685 which isn’t that bad for something Swiss made – wages and prices are high over there, ever bought a coffee near Lake Geneva?

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