Let’s Fly; New Torgoen T21 GMT Watches

Torgoen have a cool GMT quartz model in their line up for 2022.

The T21 Flight has a deep dished dial and that complex slide rule bzel and inner bezel number track business. Nope, we don’t understand how to calculate fuel rate used by time or distance using a watch, which is why we would be useless on Elon Musk’s Life On Mars expeditions.

But it looks cool and with watches, that is always worth a few extra points.

You get a sapphire crystal, 44mm wide case, date feature and GMT hand of course. Plus a range of dial coliurs in crweam, black and tywo shades of blue. Fair prices starting at £221, with a 10% off voucher if you are a first time shopper at the Torgoen website.

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