Some G-Shocks Are Instant Collector’s Items

That is a true statement and the Casio G-Shock Rubik’s Cube edition, due to be launched soon, is one such watch. Bright colours, the connection to happy times in childhood, plus the added bonus of a collectors edition box too.

As many toy and action figure aficionados know, having the original packaging is everything. If not, you’re basically whistling into an emply solar wind, like a non-flashing light sabre.

So other reasons for owning this watch; mineral crystal, 3 year battery life, plus it isn’t too expensive compared to some other G-Shocks, which can cost over six grand. Yeah crazy times.

This one is a mere £139 and dare we say it, kinda more fun than a gold plated, carbon fibre, super trick radio player, sapphire crystal number. Surely you buy a Casio because it’s a tough everyday watch?

More details on the Rubik’s Cube edition here.

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