Feynman Fjord: ETA Power, Quirky Dial & Kinda Good

Feynman is a Singapore brand keen on making mechanical/auto watches with a twist. The latest model on pre-order is the Fjord, which features a sandwich type dial, with a sort of Hampton Court maze effect. We love that teal green colour too.

The second hand looks a bit like a squiggly sperm, but we will try not to dwell on that.

Here’s some info from Feynman;

The Feynman Fjord collection sees the brand revisiting the popular Cove’s dive-watch, twin-crown silhouette, with the integration of a navigation compass.

The model seeks to fulfil an absence of land-based navigation watches in the small-independent watch-making scene, and will be driven by the venerable ETA2895-2 automatic caliber.

Made in a small-batch production, the watch features an all-new luminous pigment developed in Singapore, under Chrono.AMR. The compass bezel displays cardinal, inter-cardinal and secondary inter-cardinal directions, with 3 models featuring English points, while a limited edition model features Arabic directions.

Watch will start delivering in January/February 2022.

Price is 1488 Singapore dollars, which is about £820. More details here.

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