Need a TAG Aquaracer Vibe? Pagani Can Help

Are Pagani watches any good?

We see that question a fair bit on Google and the answer is yes, especially considering the price.

These are not collectable watches, they’re everyday autos and quartz models which give you a taste of Swiss style, without breaking the bank. There’s nowt wrong with that, as we say up North.

Pagani are one of the most successful homage watch producers in the Far East and it’s easy to see why. They get the details right and the movements are usually pretty reliable. Just browse the reviews on various sites and You Tube.

The real McCoy.

Fact is some Chinese watches, like the ill-fated Ailang I bought last year, aren’t made very well and bits can fall off them. But the Pagani watches are built to a slightly higher spec. That means a higher price, but still $82 plus postage for a watch that looks uncannily like the latest TAG Aquaracer isn’t a bad deal. That’s about £60.

Blue bezel on blue dial, always looks sharp.

For that princely sum you get the trusty Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal, blue wave type dial design, chunky crown guards and a 43mm wide steel case. It only has 100m resistance, but come on, this isn’t even Seiko 5 money.

There are black and green options too by the way.

Comes on a strap or steel bracelet – more here. 

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