Doolittle Raiders From Ball Watches, With a B25 Model Too

Anyone who has watched Pearl Harbor or the Midway movie will know about the Doolittle raid of 1942. Incredible bravery and flying skills that nobody thought possible at the time. Now Ball Watches have released a tribute to this carrier-borne B25 raid, here’s the word;

Eighty years ago, in one of the darkest moments of WWII, eighty pilots risked their lives to take on an impossible mission for the freedom of mankind. They are the Doolittle Raiders. On the 80th anniversary of their legendary mission, BALL Watch proudly presents the all-new Engineer Master II Doolittle Raiders series to pay homage to their bravery, selflessness and sacrifices.

Comprised of 3 different models that are varied in movement types and case sizes, the series combines classic military toughness with modern watchmaking technology.

Dial colour options are blue, green or black.
Limited to 999 pieces each. The Engineer Master II Doolittle Raiders series is now available for pre-order until 27 April 2022 at an exclusive price. Apart from selecting your preferred limited edition number which will be individually marked on the dial, each order will be presented in a special box set with a B-25 Mitchells bomber model in 1: 72 scale.
You get that beautiful Ball lume on the markers too and the range starts with a 40mm case. That is on pre-order at £1170, with the 46mm at £1420. There’s a 45mm option too, which is £1650. Delivery is predicted around September.
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