REC TTT Has a Little Bit of Great Escapement. See What We Did There?

REC watches has a new model for motorcycle fans, the TTT, which has recycled clutch plate parts inside, salvaged from a famous motorcycle used in The Great Escape. Yes, that Bud Ekins /McQueen Triumph – or at least one of `em, since most sources agree three bikes were used for the movie scenes and the rehearsal jumps over the wire.

This particular Triumph TR6 machine found its way to a Norfolk farmer in the 60s once the movie was in the can, who passed it onto a farm worker, who decided to just let it rust away in a barn before restoration took place. The original clutch plates were replaced and therefore, we have REC using those parts in this watch. Collectable as hell we would say, since anything with Steve McQueen connections fetches big money one day.

Here’s the word from REC;

Our aim in creating the TTT Escape timepiece was to
establish a link between the design and functionality of this
unique motorcycle.

Along with the TR6 components used in the dial, multiple
references to the bike’s design are also built into the TTT Escape. These include the dark-green color scheme used on the
dial, rotor and strap inner lining, and the bike’s licence plate as
seen in the movie (WH-13371), which appears at 5 o’clock on
the inner dial.

Each TTT timepiece features a dual inner/outer case
construction that lets the wearer turn the entire dial to switch
between RIDE and DRESS mode. In RIDE mode, the 12 o’clock
marker is shifted 30 degrees clockwise to centre it in the rider’s
field of vision.

The semi-openworked sandwich dial and exhibition case let you look straight through the balance wheel and beyond, echoing the “naked” design of the TR6’s engine.

The polished wire lugs, which protrude from the contrasting vertically-brushed outer case, closely resemble the bike’s exhaust pipes. Each watch is individually numbered on the left side of the case.

The skeletonized SW200-1 movement has been developed and customized in collaboration with Sellita, and features ruthenium plating and a custom rotor inspired by the spoked wheels, with a sunburst-finished oscillating weight.

The watch retails at just under £1500.

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