Crafter Blue Clasp Has The Edge

Yes engineering can be a tad dull, especially if you’re being lectured by a woke guy with a penchant for undersea impeller drives, arranged as a tidal barrage across the Humber estuary. I mean who really cares if half the lights go out in Hull?

But watch engineering is different. It’s about achieving harmonious perfection in the case of Grand Seiko, or art for art’s sake when Jaeger Le Coultre fancy making a repeating bejewelled pocket watch with a hummingbird perched upon the balance wheel. Or it might be striving for 4000m of depth resistance when Delma build a bathyscape in miniature.

In all these things, details matter, they are the sum of all knowledge accrued and tested over decades.

So when Crafter Blue sent us this photo of a new 18mm diameter clasp we thought, yeah, that is nice work indeed.

Brushed steel finish, flush fit on the foldover section and a beefy looking metal spigot to fasten it securely. When you are selling a clasp for dive watches, it cannot really have any sloppy joe type weak areas. Has to be tighter than a duck’s chuff, as they say in Wakefield Yorkshire.

Here is some blurb from Crafter Blue on the matter;

The material used for manufacturing this iconic clasp is 316L stainless steel which is the absolute best steel class that one can use for watch products.

The “L” in “316L” stands for low carbon which ultimately means that the quality of steel is higher than normal as it has less carbon percentage.

Equipping your watch with this high-quality stainless-steel clasp instantly enhances the overall quality and reliability of your watch.

  • Premium Finishing

Not only is the material used for the class high-quality, but its fishing is also top-notch. Made with stainless steel, the finishing of the clasp is super-smooth and shiny giving your watch the premium touch that you so heartfully desire.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing look

Just like all the different products that Crafter Blue makes, the aesthetics have been given special attention to in the design of the clasp as set flawlessly into the watch design and enhance the overall look of the watch to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Size and features

The clasp has double locks and is made for strap or bracelet size of 18mm with 6 adjustment holes. The most suitable strap thickness for the clasp is 4-5mm with its approximate overall weight being 30g.

Find out more here.

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