Yema Digital Gets The Kavinsky Remix

Timex has done very well reviving its 70/80s digital watches and Casio have never stopped selling them, so Yema are making a smart move launching a co-lab watch with a music creator – and International Man Of Mystery – Kavinsky.

The watch has the Kavinsky logo on the caseback, steel case, digital display in LED style and it only activates when you press the button, which is a true authentic 70s touch.

The first digital watches needed a little push to show the time, mainly because button battery tech was so poor back then it couldn’t really power a watch display 24/7, for a month, never mind a year.

It’s a limited edition of course and you can sign up for pre-order info, including the price, here. We will take a guess at 349 euro. (Stop Press: We just had an email 06.03.2022 that the retail price will be 329 euros, although it launches on Kickstarter at 190 euros, plus any local taxes or duties – Ed)

Yema do a base model digital watch which is pretty similar but without the Kavinsky branding, that retails at 250 euros.

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