Ltd Edition TAG Autavia Chronometer is a Bet-On-Black Moment

The TAG Autavia is one of those watch names that will always be in demand from collectors. So at £5800, although this is expensive for a TAG you might end up keeping more than 70% of the value in the long run. Adjusted for inflation of course.

But there are other reasons to buy this watch. Look at the caseback, with its steering wheel type rotor, plus decorated movement parts. Looks sharp, precise, in short; quality manufacture.

It’s the Cal 02 movement inside, which has an 80 hour reserve and is an in-house developed movement. TAG as part of LVMH were obliged to start making their own movements about 6 years ago, as the Swiss watch industry had a get together and decided there was too much power in the hands of ETA, who were supplying a huge percentage of the luxury watch market.

It’s a COSC grade movement too, which is another bit of collector appeal you have to factor in here.

I like the black DLC coating on the steel case, even though I know from experience that simply changing a strap can mean scratching that coating and then…well, it’s not mint anymore. There is a solution, which is a quick release button for the lug pins, and TAG has fitted that system – result.

If you want a more traditional take on the Autavia there is a steel case, silver dial and black bezel model, which is slightly cheaper on a black leather strap.  For me it lacks the moody, visual punch of the all-black model. That’s why I say bet on black in the long run for higher resale values.

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