Tempore Lux Racing One: Spirit of Montjuic Park

They used to race F1 cars and Superbikes back at Monjuic Park, Barcelona in the 70s. Laverda even made a motorcycle to celebrate the great street circuit.

Those days are gone, but Mallorca based watch brand Tempore Lux are recalling the glory days of 70s racing with their chronograph model.  Hand assembled on the Spanish island of Majorca by watch enthusiasts, this Racing One model features a Segull movement, which is based on the old Venus 175, which powered many a Breitling in the past.

Here’s the word from Tempore Lux; 

The Racing One is our most ambitious model so far. We have dedicated much time and effort in order to create something unique, exclusive and with the highest quality. This new model benefits from the experience acquired on our previous creations, and we are involved in the design of almost each component of the new one.

The Racing One Chronograph series will be assembled in Mallorca (Spain) by an authentic watchmaker master with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Miguel A. Martinez from S’hora des Rellotge. Each watch will be assembled and regulated by Miguel, they will do rigorous quality controls so that each and every one of the components works perfectly.

Seagull ST1901 manual winding chronograph movement, a great movement with a great history. The ST1901 is the direct descendant of the Swiss movement VENUS 175 originally developed by Fabrique d’Ebauches Venus S.A in the 1940s, who later, sold the patent to the Tianjin Watch Co (currently SEAGULL). The Venus 175 was built on watches from renowned companies such as Breitling or Minerva.

That bracelet is pure James Hunt, love it.

We love the blue dial version best, although the red has its plus points too.

It retails for around 600 euros, plus import duty and VAT in the UK. More info here. 

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