CIGA Black Hole, Are They Cooking on Gas?

CIGA Designs is one of the most interesting Chiese watch brands out there. Famous for skelton watches, they have posted a trailer on Indiegogo showcasing their Black Hole model.

The first thing that you notice, and I hate to say this, is that it looks like a gas cooker hob from the 1980s. With orange trim. That central plate looks exactly the same as the bit where the flames emerged from my landlady’s cooker, as I heated up beans or soup in my starving artist phase circa 1980-82.

I do admire the concept of creating a mechanical watch movement that kind of floats in space. That’s cool. Not sure sure about the hands which look like strange little paper clips though. The deep dish curve on the numeral track is another beautiful feature.

I want to love this watch, but it’s just slightly too off the wall. You have admire CIGA for trying something different and creatinga  talking point, because let’s be honest, we have all seen too many variations/homages, based on really old designs, from most watch manufacturers.

More info at the CIGA Indiegogo page.

It’s got some appeal, especially for those who love space, Star Trek, Dr Who and at a propsed price of $279 for the steel case, or $379 for titanium, it isn’t expensive. Delivery is expected anytime now, it says on the website although it’s worth noting that CIGA also say this is astill a pre-production concept watch.

Watch the promo video here;

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