US Market: Holgar Ltd Edition Chronos, Autos & Ladies Models

The latest from Holgar Watches – yeah, that’s a new one on us too. They are selling 1000 pieces in the USA, so it’s a kind of Indie brand. The automatics retail around $1695 and the quartz chronographs are only slightly cheaper at $1495.

You’ll do better on Kick if you’re after a Swiss assembled chrono with Sellita movement frankly, plenty of them at under $1000. Here’s the press release;

The founders of Holgar Swiss Timepieces feel much can be learned from the long history of Swiss watchmaking — lessons about the value of beauty, quality, pride of workmanship, and artistic skill to create something enduring, timeless, and worthy of care.

“We are committed to bringing the craftsmanship and techniques that have been used and improved upon in the Swiss watchmaking industry since the 16th century, and applying them to the needs of today’s consumers,” says Nas Ekangaki, CEO of Holgar. “We combine the best of historical watchmaking with the aesthetics of today to create something to be treasured for many years. One customer says that he loves how the Classic Sport model looks like a vintage watch that has been made to look modern.”

Many consumers are exhibiting a new appreciation for timepieces. “I’d rather look at my wrist quickly than fish out my phone when I want to know what time it is,” said one young man we met at a coffee shop. There is also a growing curiosity and appreciation for the workmanship involved in creating quality timepieces.


Holgar cases feature 904L stainless steel plating, a high purity grade of steel offering superior resistance to oxidation and corrosion and providing exceptional sheen and luster compared to the 316L steel used by lower-priced watches. Furthermore, Holgar timepieces are constructed using applied, or “appliqué” indices, number markers applied to the dials, rather than being painted on.

The dial being literally the “face” of a watch, Holgar’s dials are carefully designed to reflect an undeniable elegance, whether in a sport model or a classic piece.

The Men’s collection, featuring Chronographs, Sport Automatics, and Classic Automatic models, has clean and assertive lines, enhanced by polished indexes for the sport range or sublimated by elegant Roman numerals for the classic range, all brought together by a guilloche texture which is the common thread of the collection.

Holgar is proud of its vibrant new women’s line, the Spectrum Collection, available now. For these pieces, the company has taken on a chic and contemporary approach, playing the ultra-feminine card, featuring dials finished with a “sunburst” technique whose reflections change according to the gestures of its owner, or dials with a lovely mother-of-pearl look. The collection is enhanced by specially designed Roman numerals which elevate the elegance of each watch. Cases are finished either with 904L steel plating or, for certain models, plated to 5 microns with rose gold.

Holgar cares more about quality than quantity. It takes the best of Swiss watch craftsmanship, superior components, and techniques to create watches that compare in quality and construction to others offered at much higher prices. By selling online, the company eliminates further markups, making its luxury pieces even more accessible to consumers.

To retain the exclusive nature of the brand, the company has fewer than 1000 pieces available for the United States market.

About Holgar Swiss Timepieces

Holgar watches are manufactured in Bienne, Switzerland, and have offices in Zug, Switzerland, London, UK, and Beverly Hills, CA. Holgar’s timepieces are sold online with the exception of a few select retailers such as Raju Rasiah, located at 322 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

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