Kickstarter Watches: Hoglund Chrono Has a Pulse

The thing about Kickstarter is that it lets watch enthusiasts chase their dreams and that is a truly great thing.  There is very little real democracy in politics right now, but online there is a level playing field when it comes to designing and building watches. Just do it. If people like the idea, then it will win support and you can get your first batch made at the factory.

So it’s great to see Hoglund offering a chrono with the ever popular Seagull chronograph movement inside, plus a pulseometer on the dial track, so you can measure your pulse after a jog to the Capitol whilst sporting the latest in buffalo horns headgear.

Only joking Joe, have an ice cream and relax man…

So the Hoglund & Sons watch Co founder has a medical background, which is why the Hoglund has that pulse tracking feature. Nice touch. There are blue, black or white dials, twin sub-dials and the watch has a 40mm case.

It’s a strong rival to the Sugess chronos on Ali Express at $249 on the early bird deal, plus you get a bamboo box with this model, which is a sustainable wood we believe. See-thru caseback crystal is sapphire as well by the way.

Nice job all round and worth a look we reckon. More here. 

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