Hamilton Went Full Goldfinger With The Intra-Matic

Hamilton has teamed up with a Hollywood costume designer called Janie Bryant, to offer some variations on their well established watch models, like the Intra-Matic Chrono.

Now you will need some front to carry off this gold watch, complete with gold strap. In fact, we expect to see Elton John sporting this one when he appears on a chat show over the festive season, it’s basically a tree decoration for the wrist and Sir Elton is the man to do it.

We also think it has a Bollywood appeal, not just a Hollywood flavour. Are we allowed to say that? Probably an offence under the WokeSpeak Laws of 2025, but yeah, we salute the bling that Indian people love to flaunt, good luck to `em.

It retails at just over two grand by the way, more here.

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