Time Lapse: Pinion’s Take on The Valjoux 7750

UK watch brand Pinion have a Valjoux 7750 powered chrono in their line-up and it’s definitely worth a look. Unusual dial colours, lovely deep dish case design too. Here’s the word;

Presenting the Elapse. Pinion’s first automatic chronograph that is powered by the world-renowned Valoux 7750 movement.

Sized at 42mm in diameter, as the name indicates, will allow the wearer to track elapsed time in seconds, minutes and hours, controlled by the two polished steel pushers.

Several processes are undertaken on the dial to give its multi-contrast finish. First, the chronograph registers are milled at 12H and 6H to create two lower levels. Engine turning is applied to these to create a contrasting effect making them appear darker under differing lighting conditions.

Next, subtle vertical brushing is applied to the base of the dial and circular brushing to the outer rehault ring. These are then electroplated with colour. The brushing helps with the contrasting tone of colour when viewed in different lighting conditions.

Finally, the dials are gently buffed before printing commences. Once complete, a galvanic varnish is applied, sealing the elements and providing a glossy surface to the dial.

As with all Pinion watches, the Elapse is built in small batches in England and comes with a two-year warranty. Price is £2050, more details here.


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