Makina Raum: Sellita Engine, Big Number Style

You probably don’t associate the Philippines with watchmaking, but it is a huge centre for mass production of wristwatches, with Timex being one brand that has an assembly facility in Cebu City and Montrichard being another. They make Grayton automatics and MCS watches by the way.

But let’s talk Makina Raum, which is a recent addition to the Makina range and has a Sellita SW200 movement. The movement is visible via the see-thru caseback and there is plenty of gold/brass finishing on display. Not solid gold obviously, but it makes a refreshing change to see the SW200 jazzed up a bit and those countersunk caseback screws also add an industrial, bulletproof touch.

The case is 316 steel and has a kind of Meccano/Tonka Toy vibe, a definite chunky, solid feel. They also put the winding crown at 6 o’clock, which is a novel touch. The dial has those big numbers and the revolver styling. Have to say the Racing Green variant is the winner for us.

Priced at $700 it’s not cheap and nor is it expensive. That is a tough spot to be in these days, as the middle ground is where watch sales are falling, everyone seems to want super cheap under $100, or a luxury Swiss watch for over $3000.

Great to see something different and let’s hope Makina can carve out their own niche in the watch collecting market.

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