Heimdallr Godzilla Packs a Powerful Punch

Godzilla movies are not really our thing, but we do respect a big watch, with a small price tag. The Heimdallr Godzilla 200m dive watch is just that, because at 45.5mm wide you really need a big wrist to carry this one off. Otherwise there’s a danger of you looking like Mr Bean driving a Range Rover.

It’s also cheap, at $189, or about £143. There is a Seiko NH35 automatic movement inside that steel case, ceramic bezel insert, sapphire crystal and an AR coating too. This, like all Heimdallrs, is superb value for your cash.

We also like the dial colour options. The turquoise, or Tiffany Blue as Patek like to call it, is quirky, the bold red makes a statement and the frosted blue or snow white have a bit of that Seiko MOD vibe going on too.

Find out more at the Heimdallr store.

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