Big Saving On Lytt Labs Inception Right Now

Do you like quirky watches? NWC does, there’s a purple dial Storm watch in the Editor’s low budget collection. But you can get more left field than that, like no hands on the dial at all. Step forward Lytt Labs.

Yes, the Lytt Labs `look Ma no hands’ Inception is on offer with some useful discounts right now. This Singapore based brand makes unusual watches and the Inception features arrows on a series of tracks, rather than hands. Definitely a more challenging way to tell the time, but hey, it works.

The red Inception V1.0 is now 329.50 euro, which is a big drop from over 600 euros. We like that. Still some VAT and import duty on top we think, but nobody at the Dept of Trade n Industry can tell us what that might be.

Seiko NH35 auto movement and silicone strap by the way.

More here.

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