Pierre Gaston Offers Bespoke, Bejewelled, Tourbillon

Pierre Gaston watches are a boutique Swiss brand, producing automatics featuring deep dish dials, unusual calendar details and now a tourbillon collaboration with Tokki on straps, which means the tourbillon has a Capsule Collection for late 2021.

They are great looking Italian leather straps, but the extra twist with the new tourbillon is that customers can order all kinds of variations via the Atelier section of the PG website, to create a luxury jewelled piece.

The PG case design is clever as it hides the winding crown in a little niche within the bezel track. That bezel track also comes with the Atelier option of being filled with sapphire, ruby or emerald stones if you really want to go to town.

How much? No idea.

Put it this way, there are no prices on the website for the custom models. The base Date watch from PG retails at 3999 Swiss francs, so expect the tourbillons with jewels to cost a refreshingly high price.

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